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The Power of Hope

I was adopted. All the dogs I’ve had were adopted. And, Barbara and I recently adopted a 54 year old woman who, without our help, would be homeless.

We don’t have lots of money. But we have big hearts and great faith. We cannot let her be put out on the street or go hungry if we can lend a hand. We’ve cut back in every way we can so we can send what we can to a new friend who is doing everything within her power to stay afloat. What we are giving is the lifeline she needs to get back on her feet. Exactly the same lifeline I received when I was adopted and received again when I was down and out.

We have faith very soon she will again be able to make it on her own. Until then B and I feel grateful to be in the right place at the right time to give hope to someone who’d all but lost hers. We believe what goes around comes around. We’re okay if the only thing that comes back is the joy of knowing we did what we could when God asked us to do so.