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Thriving After Great Loss and Cancer

Jean Wall
Jean Wall

My guest for this episode, Jean Wall, discusses something we all know to be true – there is no easy button to life. Jean and her family have gotten hit hard by the challenges and disappointments life presents and yet they have an attitude of gratitude. Two natural disasters, a flood, and a hurricane destroyed their home. Her husband was downsized from his job and the company he devoted 24 years to, refused to give him the pension he’d earned. And Jean recently received a cancer diagnosis.

  • Jean shares there is so much we cannot control that happens to us in life, but we can control our attitude about how we face life’s challenges.
  • Tragedy can bring out the best in us when we choose not to see ourselves as a victim.
  • Family and friends are so important in helping us survive and thrive when life presents tough situations.

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