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Tired of STRESS? Go With the Flow


Like moving water that continuously transforms the land, the inner and outer landscapes of our lives are constantly changing too. But, I did not always appreciate change as a means to a better life. I preferred the familiar because it felt comfortable, even when life was very uncomfortable. I feared change more than the familiar of what I had gotten used to. The unknown is after all unknown.

With experience I learned everything in the world is designed to change and progress—the seasons, our planet, the natural world, scientific, technological, and cosmological discoveries, and of course, us and the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

Rather than create stress and disappointment by attempting to go against the natural currents of change, we are better off learning to go with the flow. The reality is that change is constant. We cannot stop the constant stream of change. So, it is our responses to change that must move in a positive direction.

After years of fighting change I now readily embrace it. As a result life has gotten so much easier and less stressful. That is why I can promise, peace and fulfillment come from learning to effectively flow with the ever-changing waters of life.