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To Respond, or NOT

On Facebook I was private messaged a pornographic video. It was homemade, shot up close and disgusting. I am proud to tell you I reported it and banned the person from my page. Oh, and I told my mom who was sitting in her chair watching TV.

You and I cannot control other people. We cannot know the reasons they do some of the strange and often abusive things they do. YES, sending porn to someone who did not ask to see it is ABUSE.

I know other people’s behavior can be disturbing but we don’t have to let it disturb us. It is not personal. He sent the video to see how I would respond. I did not and would not. Who wants to engage with a stranger who thinks so little of himself or me that he would send such a thing. No, after so many years of doing it the other way I am so happy to have learned, there is no benefit to engaging because we cannot reason with unreasonable people. To keep our peace of mind we simply report, remove and move on.