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Voting is a Spiritual Responsibility

Outstanding Nation

I consider myself to be a morally guided person. By that I mean I weigh the consequences of my actions before I act. I work hard to stay polite, understanding, kind, patient, calm, and to create win-win situations.  I listen to understand others. I work to communicate clearly. I attempt to see the big picture. I support others as I want to be supported. And I am devoted to living as a person who values being a person of values.

SO, I don’t want to be represented in government by people who do not weigh the consequences of their actions BEFORE they act. I don’t want to be represented by rude, closed, racist, arrogant hypocrites. I don’t want to be represented by people who are devoid of a personal moral, ethical and spiritual code of values.  I don’t want to be represented by anyone whose view of the world is myopic and inaccurate.

I have a spiritual responsibility to elect the best people possible – those who lead with the moral compass of their heart to work for all of us, not just some of us.  True servant leaders are running and they need YOU and ME to make certain they are elected. You and I must change business as usual in Washington.  We must vote for people who care about you and me.