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Your Thoughts Create Your Behavior


Do you know your mind has a mind of its own?  We’ll it does.  Your thoughts create your behavior. So if life is not going well, if you are frustrated, having a bad relationship, are stressed to the max, then to change your life you must change your thinking.

To change your thinking requires mastering your mind that has a mind of its own. To master your mind slow down. Intentionally concentrate on what you are thinking when you are thinking it. Stay connected to and responsible for what you are thinking and why?

Are your thoughts negative?  Do your thoughts limit you? Does your mind feed you a constant stream of negative judgments about yourself and other people?

When you catch yourself having negative thoughts, stop and dissect them.  Why in the world would you want to believe thoughts such as, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket.  People are out to get me.  Everyone is corrupt, rude and unkind.  I can’t trust anyone or depend on anyone because people are only out for themselves.”  Yes, there are some bad people who do bad things but the vast majority of people are not bad. So blanket negative thoughts are not truth.

Instead of just allowing your mind to think negative, uncomfortable thoughts, look for the truth rather than buying into gossip, opinion or the fear of others and what you are exposed to in the media.  Soon you will realize there are many good people doing good things, people can be trusted and most people really are generous and kind.

Confront each and every limiting thought. Remember what you concentrate on becomes your world.  Look for the positive in life, in yourself and in other people.  Seeking the positive will give your mind new things to think about because when you change your thinking you will change your life.